We think that businesses as individuals have a responsibility towards the environment and we should think of ethical purchasing when buying goods. Since the beginning of Café Roma we have committed to follow this premise and do all we can to reduce waste, recycle, and minimize our environmental footprint.

  • Our first market option when we purchase goods, is Iceland. We are local and we buy local, minimizing CO2 emissions due to transportation and encouraging local prosperity.
  • We avoid individual packaging as much as we can to reduce waste. Sugar, butter, salt, jam, sweetener… you won´t get this in a tiny package that will be thrown right away after use and will take ages to degrade.
  • We recycle waste, sorting cardboard, plastic, and aluminum containers and organic waste.
  • We use totally biodegradable take away coffee cups, even the lid is compostable! Click here for more info.
  • When we have a quiet day, and don´t sell a lot, we take our leftovers to an association that helps people in need.
  • We always adjust our orders and production level according to demand. We prefer to bake three times during the day than make one large batch in the morning. In that way you get the freshest products and we minimize waste.
  • We offer healthier options at no extra cost, soy, oat or skimmed milk have no extra charge, neither do our vegan products.


Kringlan sets out to be a leading force in environmental matters among Icelandic shopping centers through its Green Steps environmental policy. Through these steps all businesses in the mall have clear objectives to reduce waste, recycle, save resources and reduce environmental footprint. For more information click here



Our  specialty coffee beans are produce under sustainability premises and is ethically traded to ensure better future for farmers. Two certifications show that our beans are all we say abut them:

UTZ certification shows  that products have been sourced, from farm to retailer shelf, in a sustainable manner. To become certified, all UTZ producers have to follow our Code of Conduct, which offers expert guidance on optimized farming methods, working conditions and care for nature. This in turn leads to better production, a better environment and a better life for everyone. For more information click here



To obtain Rainforest Alliance certification, a farm must meet the network’s rigorous environmental, social, and economic criteria, which are designed to conserve forests and protect wildlife; safeguard soils and waterways; support the well-being of workers, their families, and local communities; mitigate climate change and build resilience to its impact; and improve the livelihoods of farmers and their employees. For more information click here