C360_2017-02-11-11-22-47-621v (2)It was the two of us that started the Café Roma adventure in February 2005, Jesús Rodríguez and Halla Sif Guðlaugsdóttir. Here is our story:

We met working together in a restaurant in 2000 and fell for each other right away. After becoming a couple we worked in different places for some years, Halla in banking and Jesús as a chef. When Halla started working in a bank in Kringlan mall, she used to go to this small coffee shop that she liked a lot. And sometimes life is run by funny coincidences. For a long time her dream had been running her own coffeehouse and leave the bureaucratic bank job. One day on his way to pick up Halla from work Jesús passed by the little coffee shop. With his Spanish openness and curiosity he found out that the place was on sale. Without much hesitation and a great deal of “lets-just-do-this” we seized the opportunity and bought the place. The first few months were spent running between working places and sometimes serving the same clients in the bank and in the coffee shop! Finally both of us could leave our jobs and devote ourselves to this new phase in life. Want to know more? click here for an interview with us in national newspaper.

Since then we have dedicated our passion to Café Roma, we have seen the business grow year by year, and be blessed by an ever expanding group of the most fabulous regular clients that look for specialty coffee served with passion.

Apart from managing the business in every aspect, accounting, marketing, web designing, or baking, we have been an active part of the barista team working in Café Roma. We carefully chose who we trust for this, our 4th “baby,” and after selecting the right person, we train them with dedication until he or she is ready to meet our quality standards.

Our actual team consists of 6 persons, ourselves and:


15726306_10211120154617756_7315957715488922482_n (2)Hrefna: A college student at Hamrahlíð Collage and an active member of the scouts, who works along with school, aiming to study biochemistry in the future. She lived in Norway for 5 years, loves nature and has a great passion for crafting.




14650306_10207287713376893_2422463304118657021_n (2)

Jenný: A  photography student at the Technical University of Iceland, with a love for music, art and people. She is a feminist activist and wants to see clear human rights in the near future, for now, dirty glass of her glasses will have to do.




10603734_776407919080581_2276252184756391415_n (2)Sabina: Born in Lithuania and has been living in Iceland since the age of ten. She is finishing college, loves animals and has been working in Café Roma along with her studies for three years.





We all speak English and of course Icelandic, but depending on who is on shift we can attend you in various languages: Spanish, Portuguese, German, Russian, Lithuanian, Danish, Norwegian and French.